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Adjustable Lanyard

Adjustable Lanyard

Always having trouble to find the suitable length for your lanyard? Worry no more! We as corporate gift malaysia introducing our very own adjustable lanyard that allows you to have your desired length. Old fashion adjustable leaves excess string dangling therefore we  further improved the layout for a neat and clean look for a more professional and presentable look. The lanyard comes with detachable clip, makes it convenient to remove tag for tagging purposes.

Feel free to drop your inquiries and we will attend to you soonest possible!

Travel Adapter with Night Light

Travel Adapter with Night Light

Finding for some giveaways for your travelling group or tours, how about our travel adapter. We as experienced corporate gift supplier provide travel adapter that has a built in night light that lights up once plugged in and there is a section to put your own customized logo. Your customized logo will then be lighted up making itself to be extremely outstanding.

Contact us for more details on the travel adapter!

Travel Adapter

Item : Travel Adapter with customized night light logo

Description : For used in more than 1600 countries. Comes with 2 USB output.

Smart Power Bank

Smart Power Bank

In this fast moving society, electronic devices plays a vital role in our lives providing us news, getting us connected to friends, chats, Facebook and web-surfing. However, these devices run on batteries that eventually run out with excessive use. Therefore, Smart Power Bank is here to solve that problem by providing easy and fast power to your electronic devices! Call us the corporate gift supplier for more info!

Product Specification

  • Dimension : 90 x 24 x 24 (mm)
  • Battery : 2600 mAH (19650 Lithium-ion, rechargeable battery)
  • Input : Micro USB 5.0V ~ 5.5V/600mA (Max)
  • Output : USB 5.35V/1000mAH (Max)

Advantages of Smart Power Bank

  • Charge your smartphones or gaming devices anywhere and at any time without the need for a wall socket.
  • Great for use when in a travelling situation and you are unsure of your next destination.
  • No more shutting downs in the middle of an important conversation, dates or dining out.

Company Introduction

JOSMACO SDN BHD, was incorporated on 29th April 1988. Prior to the formation of a private limited company, our company was operating as a sole proprietor since 1979 under the name of JOSMA COMPANY.

Our Corporate Gift Company designs, manufactures and markets promotional items, advertising gifts, corporate gifts as well as unique and latest items imported from our overseas principles who are from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, Indonesia, Thailand and China.